What do you think of the Obama administration’s new policy?

With the unveiling of the administration’s new policy of using prosecutorial discretion to review pending deportation cases, we wondered what your thoughts are?¬† As one commentator put it, “This is a great big giant little first step” in addressing the issues that are at the heart of our immigration policy.

Here is a link from Reform Immigration for America, one from Chicago Now, and one from Immigration Impact that give an overview of the DHS’s announcement – let us know your thoughts:




2 Responses to What do you think of the Obama administration’s new policy?

  1. melissa noble says:

    I come from a family of immigrants who have contributed immensely to the community over the years….and usually it is because of what they went through to get here and work from the bottom up which is more than several generations who have not attempted to do so for various reasons..some are circumstances and others education and racial predjudices and conditioning.
    To not recognize a healthy wholesome tax paying family who are good contributing factor in the values the conservative govt says they want…IS DISGUSTING and EMBARRASSING.

    The govt and legal system can skew things to go to war and let people out of jail who are threats to society when they ought to remain in confinement, is so hypocritical. Surely the powers that be could have managed a way if they wanted to. Who are these specific people that handled the case. I can not help but wonder who is interpreting these laws. WHat is their IQ.??!! There have got to be laws to be able recognize case by case.

    And they ought to focus more on the human trafficking going on as it is a humongous problem and I bet none of those folks pay taxes or contribute to the community in a good way .. A heartfelt compassion goes out to this family..
    I have friends who have left this country for a much better life in Europe. Better education and lifestyle values. Of all the eastern European countries Poland surprised many with a great come back.

  2. Ewa says:

    I think that this Immigration Law should be really implemented into America’s life. There are so many intelligent, smart and innocent students, who are at risk to be deported every day. And barely nothing has been done since the new policy, which is 4 months since the Morton Memo (June 17) and 2 months since the DHS Announcement (Aug. 18)was announced. And undocumented young people continues to be at risk of being detained and deported to their countries they barely know. I think and truly agree that all the young kids, they came here without their knowledge parents, they have no criminal record, attend college, or military should be accepted and forgiven for their parents mistake. Please implement this policy into the real life.

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