Ruth and Tony on MSNBC!

Director Ruth Leitman and Tony Wasilewski were guests on the MSNBC cable news show THE DYLAN RATIGAN show, where they talked about the impact of our current immigration law on the Wasilewski family, and how the film is a great tool for showing what’s wrong with our current immigration law.  Thanks to MSNBC for bringing our story to a national audience.

Click HERE to see Ruth and Tony on the DYLAN RATIGAN show

Ruth and Tony on the set of MSNBC's Dylan Ratigan Show 5/25/2011

One Response to Ruth and Tony on MSNBC!

  1. In years 1986-91 I was forced to slavery studies at Warsaw University of Technology in Poland where not studying was resulting in military service and torture in communist armed forces and was pretending student while by skills and my private experience in Physics I was already full Professor at the age of 23.
    To avoid military service as the officer of the communist army in 1991 I had to escape to United States on false F-1 visa.
    I was not granted political asylum retrospectively for slavery labor
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    Instead after 10 years of my formal expiration of student visa and
    16 years of illegal residence in the US in 2007 I was mistreated by the United States as common criminal and closed in deportation concentration camp in Florence Arizona only because I have Polish passport.
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    My PhD from the University of Rochester in not valid
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    I cannot come back to my house in Utah already for 4 years.

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